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My Private Tour to Islas del Rosario

Islas del Rosario is an archipelago located 60 miles off the coast of Cartagena. It’s one of the 46 national parks of Colombia. Many travelers who visit Cartagena will end up taking a day-trip to the islands. Check out my private tour below:

Private Tour:

Do NOT book a tour with a travel agency, they'll only take you to an island or 2 on their time and it's not worth it. Either go to the dock or get your own boat. You can arrange your own with the hotel staff or Airbnb host. Prices vary, anywhere from $40(dock)up to $500(own) to get to the islands. I was with a group of 3 people and ended up getting our boat which our Airbnb host arranged for us. The price was $450, $150/per person. The best part about it is you get to choose which islands you want to visit on your own time. Contact me and I can connect you with the Airbnb host.

The Islands I Visited:

Isla Grande: It’s the largest island with the most activities to keep you busy. This is an excellent place to snorkel as well. Pablo Escobar’s abandoned mansion is located here along with his downed plane underwater. Video and pictures below:

Isla Cholon: It’s the party island of Islas del Rosario. Private yachts and boats arrive by the dozen to enjoy the party atmosphere of Isla Cholon. The water is waist high with table huts all around with reggaeton music blaring. You must try the seafood, fresh! I had a lobster served with coconut rice and plantains, delicious! We spent most of our day here. Video and pictures below:

Isla Baru(Playa Azul): A private beach surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. A very quiet and relaxing island where you can sunbathe, eat fruits offered by vendors, and enjoy the scenery. This was our last stop on our private tour and perfect way to end it. Video and pictures below:

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