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Where To Eat in San Pedro, Belize

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

San Pedro in Ambergris Caye is one of Belize’s hotspots for foodies with a fusion of Creole, Mexican, Mayan, and European. You will never go hungry while spending your time in San Pedro. Below are foods and restaurants you must check out:

Short video of the restaurants I visited here:

1. Traditional Belize Breakfast

A Belizean breakfast consists of fry jacks or deep-fried dough that are often homemade and eaten with various cheeses accompanied with beans, crispy bacon, and scrambled eggs or any style. This is served at almost every restaurant and hotel on the island.

2. Caramba Restaurant & Bar

20 Pescador Drive (Middle Street)

Before you enter the restaurant, there’s fresh seafood on display that you can choose from. The process works like this; You choose your selections(shrimp, snappers, octopus, lobster, and etc.) from the iced bins, carry your plate of selections to your table and a waiter will go over your cooking options which include fried, grilled, or steamed. It's a bit expensive, but the way the food is prepared and the experience makes it worth it. This is by far my favorite restaurant in San Pedro.

3. Maxi’s

Barrier Reef Dr. & Pelican St Intersection by Hotel Ocean Paradise

The restaurant is small, but very modern. A wide selection of tacos and margaritas to choose from - the margaritas are 2 for 1 special. They also serve burgers, sandwiches, and salads. I highly recommend the cochinita pipil tacos and the catch of the day, mouthwatering.

*The catch of the day is in my youtube video*

cochinita pipil & arrachera tacos

4. Palapa Bar & Grill Take a right on San Juan Roundabout on Pescador Drive towards the beach. Palapa Bar is located in front of the pier

Palapa's Bar is right on the water. Great drink selection and beautiful views all around. The menu has everything from appetizers, burritos, fish/chicken tacos, burgers, and fish all reasonably priced.

5. Elvis Kitchen

Pescador Drive & Ambergris St Intersection

This place makes you feel like your at the beach as the floors are covered with sand, tropical plants on display and beachy wall art. Great place for lunch. I highly recommend the “famous” fried chicken - it’s very crispy, tender, and just melts in your mouth. Another recommendation is the shrimp pasta as it's cooked to perfection and creamy.

6. Truck Stop

1 Mile North towards Secret Beach

The Truck Stop features three food trucks, an ice cream truck, and a bar all made out of shipping containers. The food trucks serve Italian, Latin American and Asian cuisine. We had different types of tacos which were all delicious and cooked fresh with plantain chips. An awesome place to hang out - they have a lot of activities going on(corn hole, jenga, ping pong).

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