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Exploring the Ancient City of Teotihuacan

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Known as the “City of Gods”, Teotihuacan is an archeological site which includes the stunning Mesoamerican pyramids built during the Pre-Columbian era. It’s located about 40km from Mexico City and it’s a perfect day trip to explore the archeological site.

How To Get There:

Take an Uber, quickest option if you’re on a tight schedule, but also expensive. Round-trip came out to around $55USD for a group of 3. Make sure the address says “Teotihuacan piramides”. I put in the wrong address and ended up in the actual town. Our Uber driver was nice enough to get us to the pyramids at no additional cost. We tipped him though.

Another way to get there is by using the metro/bus. You must go to the Terminal Autobuses del Norte metro station on Line 5 to get to the bus station. There are signs that say “Teotihuacan” for the bus. This is the cheapest option if you decide to go this route.

The Site

Pyramid of the Sun:

It’s the largest pyramid at Teotihuacan and the 3rd largest in the world. It’s believed to have been constructed around 200CE and located halfway on Avenue of the Dead on the eastern edge. It’s about 216 feet tall, with 248 steps which takes about 15 minutes to climb. Once at the top, the views are spectacular. The climb is definitely worth it. There are several rest stops(levels) to take a breather. I highly recommend you bring plenty of water and wear loose clothings if you plan on climbing the pyramid.

Pyramid of the Moon:

It’s the 2nd largest pyramid at the complex standing at around 140ft high and located at the northern end of Avenue of the Dead. It’s an easier climb and once at the top, you have a direct view of Avenue of the Dead. I did not climb the pyramid since I was too exhausted after climbing the Pyramid of the Sun.

Avenue of the Dead:

The main path where the pyramids are located. The width of the avenue varies along the way, ranging from 130ft to 312ft and 1.25 miles long.

Check out my Youtube video here on my visit to Teotihuacan:

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