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Things You Must See in Moscow

Moscow is the capital of Russia located on the western part of the country. It's a fascinating travel destination filled with historical sites, amazing architecture, and stunning landmarks. Below are some of Moscow's top attractions:

Red Square

The Red Square(Krásnaya Plóshchad), a UNESCO World Heritage Site is by far the most famous landmark of all of Russia. This massive square is often considered the center of Moscow. Its main sights include the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, State Historical Museum, GUM, Lenin's Mausoleum, and Alexandrovsky Garden. I highly recommend you visit early morning to avoid tourists and check it out at night when all the main sights are illuminated - it feels like Christmas.


The Kremlin is a fortified complex that contains the official residence of the President of Russia. The name Kremlin means “fortress inside a city”.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

An absolute beauty! It was built in 1561 on the orders from Ivan the Terrible. It includes 9 separate chapels, each with its own colored dome.

Lenin's Mausoleum

It contains the body of Vladimir Lenin, the famous Russian communist leader.

State Historical Museum

Built in 1872, this red brick building is a museum of Russian history. It contains more than 4 million pieces.


Built in 1893, GUM(pronounced Goom) was known as the State Department Store during the Soviet era. It contains 100’s of stores(some high-end) and several restaurants. Whether you’re inside or outside, its architecture is spectacular to see.

Alexandrovsky Garden

It was one of the first urban parks of Moscow and includes three separate gardens along the western Kremlin wall. The garden is notable for the tomb of the unknown soldier and a high-kicking guard change ceremony that takes place every hour in front of the eternal flame. There also several monuments throughout the garden.


The 2nd largest shopping mall in Europe that's six stories with more than 500 stores and a four-story aquarium that's recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest cylindrical aquarium in the world.

Arbat Street

One of Moscow’s oldest streets that’s now pedestrian only. Here you’ll find souvenir shops, restaurants, and cafes.


Known as the “Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy”, it’s Russia’s largest exhibition and museum facility. There are a ton of attractions that include; pavilions of former Soviet States, fountains(including the famous Friendship of Nations Fountain), a rocket, a spacecraft, & museums. The area turns into a giant ice rink in the winter.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics

If you like outer space exploration then this is the place you must visit. Before you enter, you’ll see the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, which celebrates the achievements of the Soviet people in space exploration. The monument is made of titanium which shows a launching rocket. The museum contains a wide variety of Soviet space-related exhibits and models which explore the history of flight, astronomy, space exploration, & space technology.

Moscow City

Also known as “Moscow International Business Center”, is a commercial district that is currently under development. This area is filled with towering skyscrapers, some being the tallest in Europe and a shopping mall.

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